DPH Green Cleen IRL (Dublin)


For quotes to wash Commercial sized bins
please call: 085 1380805


To pay by BACS our bank account details are:

Account No: 29246078 Sort Code: 932361

(For reference please use your Green Cleen customer number)


Prices quoted are for our regular 4 weekly service. Customers who pay in advance we will contact you when your credit runs out but continue the service until cancelled. Conditions may apply. For any queries please contact us.


"Thank you so much the bins are so fresh and clean they smell amazing... I would highly recommend your service to everybody..."

Angela Barry

"Just got mine done. Great job well worth it. Highly recommend. Thanks."

Kenneth Mc Gowan

First time using these guys and was amazed at how quick and easy it was. Bin was meant to be cleaned tomorrow but all done and dusted by lunchtime today. Thanks so much guys.

Jan McCarthy

Hi, I just wanted to thank you so much for cleaning my bins today I'm very happy with the cleaning. I wish your company the very best and wish you many years of service.

Bernie Goragely

We had our bins cleaned on Saturday and I am very pleased with the results. Our bins were horrible after the hot summer, especially the food waste bin, and Green Cleen left them spotless. They did a thorough job on both the outside and the inside.They also left the bins back in their place, instead of out the gate. I would definitaely recommend

Niamh Mc Carron

Thank you very much for the thorough cleaning of my bin. I certainly will recommend this service.

Trudie Abrahamse

I have been searching for years to get a cleaning company for my waste bins! Highly recommend Green Cleen, simple, easy no fuss service and beautifully clean bins! What’s not to love.... well done!

Lynn Branagan Cronin

Guys I just had my bins cleaned inside and out by Green Cleena and the smell from the bins is lovely great job Paul there will be no flies or germs on my bins from now on. I would highly recommend Green Cleen people keep them flies away from your bins and entering your house, with whats going on now with this virus it gives you that peace of mind, you don't know who touches your bins when your not there and could be putting germs on your hands spreading it all over. For me getting these done gives me peace of mind. Contact Paul O'Brien today he does them every 8 weeks for less than a fiver it is so well worth the money. No more nasty smells from your bins. I got my black bin washed and cleaned today and next week when my green bin is empty that will be washed and cleaned. To give him a call 085138080.

Tina Weekes

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Commercial clients include:


DPH Green Cleen Ireland Limited, Bayside Walk, Dublin - Company Registered Number 631916


085 1380805

Areas in which we wash bins:

  • Dublin 1
  • Dublin 2
  • Dublin 3
  • Dublin 4
  • Dublin 5
  • Dublin 6
  • Dublin 7
  • Dublin 8
  • Dublin 9
  • Dublin 10
  • Dublin 11
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  • Dublin 18
  • Dublin 20
  • Dublin 22
  • Dublin 24
  • Swords

Cost Per Bin Wash: €5

Special Offers:

7 washes paid in advance (saving 5 Euro) €30.00
13 washes paid in advance (saving 7 Euro) €58.00
One-off wash (paid in advance) 7 Euro per bin €7.00