Frequently Asked Questions


Why get my bins cleaned?

Wheelie bins collect residues which emit offensive smells, become breeding grounds for bacteria like E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria and can become infested with flies, wasps, maggots even rats. As your family or staff handle the bins regularly this leaves them open to contamination and infection. The Green Cleen bin cleaning process kills 99% of all known bacteria found in bins keeping your friends, family or staff safe.


How does the service work?

Green Cleen arrive once every four weeks on the same day as but after your wheelie bins have been emptied. We clean any colour wheelie bins but this might be on different days depending on how your local council empty them. After booking our service you will receive a letter explaining our special offers, payment methods and your first wash date. Included with your letter will be your bin sticker which if you don’t mind placing on the front of your wheelie bin this then helps our staff identify your bin. Once we have cleaned your bins inside and out we dry them, spray them with our eco-friendly deodoriser fragrance before returning the bins to your property. You will receive a customer receipt that shows your account balance and the date that we next return.


How do you save water?

Green Cleen only use purpose built bin washing machines which catch all of the waste water used in the bin cleaning process before recycling it through our integrated multistage filtration system before then being discharged at a registered drop off point at our depot.


What makes Green Cleen Bin Cleaning environmentally friendly?

Green Cleen takes its commitment to protecting the environment extremely seriously and has led the way over the last 21 years by setting up the industries only Bin Cleaning Association, The National Association of Wheeled Bin Washers Limited (NAWBW) see As well as recycling, all the water used in the cleaning process, Green Cleen only use 100% approved biodegradable chemicals.


How do I pay you?

Green Cleen offers a variety of payment methods. You can pay cash on the day, cheque, direct debit, standing order, BACS online transfer or credit card or debit card through our website via PayPal. If you pay in advance for half yearly or yearly bin washing then most of our Franchisees offer special discounts.


Can I pay by monthly Direct Debit?

Some of our Franchisees now accept payment by Direct Debit using a system called GoCardless. The arranged amount will be taken straight from your bank account once a month and GoCardless will send you a reminder email a few days before the amount is due. To see the GoCardless Terms and Conditions click here.


Do I have to sign-up for a plan/subscription? It appears I’m signing a contract. Am I locked into the plan?

First off, you are not locked into any plan or contract. The subscription plans were created to offer you discounts for advanced payment. We will contact you when your account needs topping up but don’t worry we will continue your service until you contact us to cancel.


What if I want to cancel after a few tries after signing up to a subscription plan?

You can cancel at any time once your account balance has been paid. If you are moving address and have prepaid for the year then we will transfer any credit to your new property or refund you.


How do I cancel my subscription plan?

It’s easy! Just call free on 0800 0150880, e-mail and we will be happy to help!  


Why is the one-time cleaning more expensive than the yearly plan?

Some of our regional Franchisees offer one-off cleaning but most DO NOT. To check if your local operator offers one-off washing click here and check your local operator’s website. It is more expensive to have a one-off wash than a regular wash because they take us considerably longer to clean.


What if I forget to leave my bins out on my scheduled cleaning day? Do I get reminders?

Green Cleen will leave you with a customer receipt each time your bin is washed which will have your next wash dates on. If you forget to leave your bin out or the waste contractor has not emptied it on the scheduled day then we will not charge you for that wash and see you the following month.


How do I know my bins have been cleaned?

Your bins will be clean, smell nice and be returned to your property with your customer receipt through your letter box.


Why is there a rubbish bag in my black bin after cleaning?

Any rubbish collected from your bins after the wash will be black bagged and placed back into your bin.


Do you really operate year-round?

Yes, Green Cleen wash your wheelie bins all year round. As long as the bin men are out then so are we!