Green Cleen Dublin

Do you need wheelie bin cleaning across the Dublin area? Call the Green Cleen Team on 085 1380805.
We are a local family-run business providing fully licensed and insured wheelie bin and commercial waste container cleaning.
We offer low-cost solutions to the problem of dirty, unhygienic wheelie bins by washing and deodorising your bins regularly using specialist bin cleaning equipment to ensure we achieve the highest cleaning standards.
Recycling all water used in the bin cleaning process complies with all Environmental Protection Agency and Irish Waters legislation using approved eco-friendly chemicals which kill 99.9% of all known germs.
Green Cleen is Ireland's Premier Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service.

Our Mission:
To provide the most efficient, effective, regular, environmentally friendly, legally licensed and insured, value for money bin washing service to our customers.

Contact Us

DPH Green Cleen Ireland Limited
Bayside Walk, Dublin
Company Registered Number: 631916

Areas Covered
  • Dublin 1
  • Dublin 2
  • Dublin 3
  • Dublin 4
  • Dublin 5
  • Dublin 6
  • Dublin 7
  • Dublin 8
  • Dublin 9
  • Dublin 10
  • Dublin 11
  • Dublin 12
  • Dublin 13
  • Dublin 14
  • Dublin 15
  • Dublin 16
  • Dublin 17
  • Dublin 18
  • Dublin 20
  • Dublin 22
  • Dublin 24
  • Swords



Pay Online

Before selecting any payment option below please fill in the booking form so we have your details.
Only €5 per bin per wash. Prices quoted are for our regular 4 weekly service. Customers who pay in advance we will contact you when your credit runs out but continue the service until cancelled. New customers a minimum of 7 washes for the discounted price of €35.
One-off washes available if paid in advance. Minimum call-out for 1 bin €16, 2 bins €25 or 3 bins €30.
To pay over the phone with a debit or credit card please call 085 1380805.

€10 callout charge if your bins are not out on the arranged day


    13 Bin Washes

    €65 Per bin

    paid in advance

    7 Bin Washes

    €35 Per bin

    paid in advance

    One-off Wash

    1 bin = €16
    2 bins = €25
    3 bins = €30
    Minimum call out


    paid in advance

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